Consulting solutions for ocean conservation and compliance

About Us

The Wandering Albatross


We take our name from Diomedea exulans, the Wandering albatross. Exulans spends most of its life soaring over the ocean, regularly tracking fishing vessels as they ply their trade. Exulans features prominently in maritime lore, and we are inspired by its reputation as a constant watcher of the ocean. 

Our Background


Exulans provides a wide array of consulting products and services to improve conservation and compliance with fisheries and ocean conservation law, including review of: law enforcement systems processes and capacities; analytical capabilities and needs; legal and regulatory frameworks; prosecutorial system strengths and weaknesses; officer skills and knowledge.

Why Us?


Our staff brings decades of strategic and operational expertise in program management, day-to-day operations, and leading stakeholder engagement. We're your trusted consulting source for evaluations, analysis, and time-tested solutions to ocean compliance issues.